Designer Handcrafted Gemstone Beaded Artisan Jewelry


Enticing gemstones mixed with Thai and Bali silver, hand-selected freshwater pearls and African Glass... You can liven up your day or eve with these eclectic bracelets! 

New~Autumn Coin Bracelet

New~Lavender Favorites Bracelet

New~Blue Between Bracelet

Burning Desire Bracelet

New~Sordonyx Bracelet

New~Desert Hills Bracelet


 Pearl to Pearl Bracelet

 Kyanite Pearl Bracelet

Thai-in-Knots Bracelet-2

 Woven Faceted
Amethyst Bracelet

 Watermelon Bracelet

 Something Old~
Something New Bracelet

 Cowgirl Dreams

Thai-in-Knots Bracelet-3


 Woven Rhodochrosite

 Pearl Dot Bracelet
Nested Chalcedony Bracelet

 Apatite Anklet

 :: Bracelets can be made larger, just mention size desired when you purchase ::





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