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Shirley has an eye for fashion. She follows the trends and reports what's 'in' for the upcoming season! Here is what she found for jewelry trends ~summer~



2005 Color Trends: creamy white, orange, chartreuse, scuba blue, dandelion, hot pink, seashell pink, sangria red, plum, beechnut, blue jean blue


look to see necklaces and bracelets adorned with charms that have some thoughtful meaning


cross necklaces will increase in popularity because of their obvious inspirational appeal


earrings are getting longer the chandelier or drop style with gem stones and chain are here....


designs will take its inspiration from several natural scenes: leaves, romantic hearts, flowers, birds, bugs, fish, seashells, mermaids and dragonflies are the muses

bullet the old meets the new, with a great deal of finesse
bullet keep an eye for: cut-out metals, circular links, nontraditional hoops, faceted beads on leather, geometric shapes
bullet gemstones to adorn: carnelian, orange coral, moonstone, ruby, pink tourmaline, opal, smoky quartz, labradorite,  apatite, kyanite, coin pearl, turquoise and amethyst.

following this line, the jewelry trend is rich and powerful, with a lot of chokers and long earrings, beaded bracelets to pile on and an enormous range of colorful gems, pearls, and sterling chunks that will adorn women at their whim








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